The Poems-Objects / Spring

Each piece of the ‘Poems-Objects’ series tells a story and speaks with poetic.

© Christophe GUERIN
© Christophe GUERIN
Photo : Charles PETILLON

User value : apart from the sculptural side of these little scenes , they can potentially be used as a desktop object ( clipboard, mail carrier , rests pencil)

Aesthetic value : the scene is the space of representation of significant elements which tell a story.

Symbolic value : by borrowing popular folklore figures ( Venus , the swallow , the butterfly and the historic character bust) I want to play on the interpretation of each scene , while leaving room for individual interpretation.

The horse head represents the rider, popular figure of the prince charming liberating. The pair of swallows on his branch symbolises the arrival of spring and love. Venus , on its pedestal symbolises the fairy-tale princess waiting for her prince charming while exacerbating her femininity. Butterflies symbolise the love and life, in a dreamlike dimension.

The relationship between the elements of the play among themselves a hymn to love.