Table alu
Flat pieces

First experiments in order to design booth furniture for an international fair. I was looking for a light and strong furniture, easy to carry and not too expensive either.

Based on Origami principle, I decided to start with a flat & soft sheet, easy to transport. But once you fold it, she will get structural strength.

Table alu
Prototype table

While I was searching for the right material, I remembered to ‘Alu Cobond’ or ‘Alu Dibond’, a material used for signage panel and art prints support. This material is coloured, light, cheap, easy to transport and we can even print on it. I think it is the right material for an innovative furniture booth, in other words, perfect for a short-lived furniture.

Table alu
Corner detail

To approve my idea, I decided to create a prototype. I designed a desk, average size : 120 x 70 x75 cm, with 3 mm thickness ‘Alu Dibond’ material. At the four corners, in order to protect people, I decided to cut the edges. It gives a good visual impact and it is also functional. We can shift electric cables, from computers, lights or phone through them.

The achievement, the table weigh less than 2 kG.