Ère carbone (Carbon Era), is a series of wall clocks made from aeronautical carbon waste. These clocks, light and resistant, are the result of advanced industry waste valorization, a reflect of our time. A period in history where technological progress is confronted with environmental issues.

These sculptural and useful clocks, mixing ultra precise cutting and carbon marquetry, inform us of the present time while evoking the future time.

Carbon Era, a UTOPIC object that gives meaning to function.

Clock : 380 mm diameter – Photo : Alain Potignon

As a designer the ‘carbon fiber’ raw material, is at the heart of my design approach. This woven material, of intense black color, captures the light and offers an iridescent aesthetic. The material vibrates according to its orientation, and this moire gives a dynamic and kinetic effect, when we move around the object. This subtle sensation catches the eye and will highlight the space in which the clock will be, while informing the time.

Clock : 580 mm diameter – Photo : Alain Potignon

This kinetic effect makes the object timeless; designed to last, it can evolve from space to space. Always interacting with its luminous environment, the object will constantly reinvent itself.

The colored foam used on the back of the clock is made of recycled material, in order to respect the DNA of the project. This foam sieves the sound of the clock, while unhooking the carbon disc from the wall, in order to highlight the clock.


Photo : Alain Potignon

This sculptural object, hanging on the wall, informs us of the present time while evoking through recycled materials, current and future environmental issues.


Clock : 280 mm diameter – Photo : Alain Potignon

Clock : 380 mm diameter – Photo : Alain Potignon

If you are interested in Ère carbone clocks and you want to buy some, I invite you to discover the UTOPIC website.

I co-founded UTOPIC with Gaspard Mallet.