Charles PETILLON created an immersive art installation in Covent Garden. I was his partner and the director of this project. We produced the work together and I was in charge of the technical processes.

© Charles PETILLON
© Charles PETILLON

Charles wanted to create a floating white cloud, which symbolises the breath of the hall’s activities during the day, and which transforms into a poetic heartbeat light installation during the night.

The experience offers Covent Garden an engaging and accessible cultural event that can be visited, understood and enjoyed by everyone, at anytime.


The installation took place in the south hall. This site has an established use for temporary events.

Charles PETILLON Christophe GUERIN drawing
© Charles PETILLON
Drawing : Christophe GUERIN

The installation, a giant white cloud made out of balloons, was safely secured to the hall structure without any damage. The plan and placement of the artwork at no point disrupted the existing pedestrian movement through the South Hall.

Charles PETILLON Drawings: Christophe GUERIN
© Charles PETILLON
Drawings : Christophe GUERIN

No part of the artwork touched walls, nor the metal structure. It was floating in the air, under the canopy lights limited (7,5 m height). The cloud was secured, to ensure that it won’t move with the wind. No part of the artwork could be touch or damage by people. Balloons
were floating 3 m heigh from the ground and 1,5 m from the railings.

Size of the installation : 54 m long to 13 meter wide.

The balloon structure was inflate off-site and the all installation was divided into 4 sections to ensure maximum efficiency on site. Each section was able to move up and down on request (motor control system). We built the balloon structure on the ground, without any scissor lift.


© Charles PETILLON / Photos : Paul Grover
© Charles PETILLON / Photos : Paul Grover
© Charles PETILLON / Photos : Paul Grover

The installation took place between 10 pm and 6 am so as to avoid disruption to the business within the vicinity.

It was a great experience and working with a team coming from all over the world was a real challenge. In addition, we had a temporary art gallery close to the hall, where we showed Charles PETILLON artwork. It was an exciting time and good memories.