This collaboration with chief Julien Duboué, started with UTOPIC. We wanted to share an ethical and responsible approach by designing a knives collection from a recycled material : aeronautical waste carbon fiber.

Photo : Maxime Nemery

An Ethical and Responsible approach

This range of knives comes from the valorisation of carbon fiber waste emanating from the French aeronautical industry. These knives allow to give a second life to the material and participate to a virtuous dynamic, based on a short circuit. This project is involving various French actors around the same problematic:

“What to do with the carbon waste of the French aerospace industry?”

UTOPIC table knives – Photo : Maxime Nemery

UTOPIC kitchen knife – Photo : Maxime Nemery

A co-design approach.

The collaboration with Julien Duboué has resulted a collection of professional kitchen knives and table knives. The blade combines flexibility, strength and fineness of cut like a Japanese knife. The design ergonomic of the handle, makes this collection a real professional tool, as well a superb everyday utensil.

This range of knives has a minimal and refined aesthetic that values ​​noble and massive materials, without excessive ornamentation. Its design assumes steel and carbon as raw material. A design based on an economy of means and the valorisation of short circuits.

Inspired by the Corsican peasant knife, the design of the handle reflects the commitment of chef Julien Duboué to the terroir. This hybridisation of sophisticated and minimalist design combined with a vernacular spirit rooted in the terroir offers a unique collection of knives ; a sustainable and innovative design.

Photo : Maxime Nemery

Photo : Maxime Nemery

Knives made in France

This range of knives is made in France, in connection with a knife’s manufacturer based in Thiers (world capital of the knife): cutlery Tarrerias-Bonjean. The carbon, once collected and processed by ReUSE COMPOSITES, is send to Nantes to be cut with a water jet. Finally, the assembly and the production of the sleeves are carried out at UTOPIC, in Clermont-Ferrand’s workshop. This network of French partners has made it possible to develop a product in a short circuit, in order to guarantee an accessible price and a top quality.

This range of knives is an example of products from the circular economy. They helped to generate a virtuous circle, transforming a waste production into an object of excellence, while grouping around this project, actors engaged in the made in France.

Photo : Maxime Nemery

If you are interested in TWIST collection and you want to buy one or more, I invite you to discover the UTOPIC website.

I co-founded UTOPIC with Gaspard Mallet.