Twist is a range of furniture designed in carbon fiber revalorized from the aeronautical industry.

Pedestal table TWIST – Photo : Alain POTIGNON

The deliberately twisted base, offers mechanical quality and stability, but especially emphasises the interaction between carbon fiber and light.

This transition from full to empty, from massive material to slice, provides such a feeling of movement and lightness. The marquetry performed on the top board reinforces this feeling of movement and invites us to look at these objects from different angles.

The technical challenge was to give life to a material in the form of a plate. By twisting the feet, I bring volume ; a third dimension to this material, allowing me to give body to the object. This passage from a carbon sheet to a volume emphasises the exceptional mechanical characteristics of the material, while bringing elegance and lightness to the object.

This kinetic effect in two or three dimensions of the material is fascinating because it makes the object timeless ; designed to last, it can evolve from space to space, without one being able to lace up its presence. Always interacting with its luminous environment, the object will constantly reinvent itself.

TWIST collection :

Pedestal table TWIST – Photo : Alain POTIGNON

Low table TWIST – Photo : Alain POTIGNON

This collection is the result of a valorisation virtuous work, based on short circuits.

Carbon waste from the aerospace industry is collected and processed in UTOPIC workshops, thanks to an internally developed know-how. Ultra-precise water jet cutting with no harmful dust is performed by a specialised company in Nantes, working exclusively for the aerospace industry. The assembly of the table is done by hand in Clermont-Ferrand, as well as storage and shipping.

We are doing a 100 % made in France product.

If you are interested in TWIST collection and you want to buy one or more, I invite you to discover the UTOPIC website.

I co-founded UTOPIC with Gaspard Mallet.